Lawrence Burt: More biographical information

Several earlier posts have previously been published providing biographical information about Lawrence Wilfred Burt (1883-1962), who had been ordained a Priest in the Liberal Catholic Church by Bishop Wedgwood in Sydney on 23 April 1917, and worked closely with Leadbeater in the newly emerging Church in Sydney, and in the Theosophical Society. He was the Vicar of the Cathedral Church of St Alban in Regent Street, Sydney in the 1930s. He also served as President of the Sydney Lodge of the Theosophical Society, and was Chairman of the Council of the Australian Section of the Society, a member of the Esoteric Section and of the Order of the Star in the East, and was active in Co-Masonry. He succeeded David Morton Tweedie (1857-1941) as Regionary Bishop for the Liberal Catholic Church in Australia.

Burt photo

For Burt, see:

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Dr Ian Ellis Jones has now posted a much more detailed account of Burt’s Theosophical and Liberal Catholic career at:

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