This blog has been established to encourage and promote scholarly research into and discussion and dialogue about the life of Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934). It will publish details of works about Leadbeater and sources of information about his life. It will also publish articles and comments about Leadbeater, his work and works about him provided that these maintain a scholarly standard.

Comments can be posted in this blog in the usual way. Anyone wishing to contribute a longer post, or to offer an article or photograph for publication is invited to e-mail it to: hermitagestcedd@gmail.com



Contributions, please!

This is not a request for financial contributions, but for contributions to content.

One of the problems in researching the history of a relatively obscure person is that information is likely to be widely scattered. One of the aims of this blog is to provide a clearinghouse for sources of information so that those undertaking research do not, as it were, have to “reinvent the wheel”.

If you know of any published references to Leadbeater, especially in unexpected or out-of-the-way sources, or of library or archival collections in which such material may be located, please send details so that they can be posted here. Interesting, and sometimes useful, information is sometimes found in unlikely and totally unexpected places.

If posting references to published material, please provide, as far as possible, full bibliographical citation: that is, name of author; title of publication; publisher; date of publication; place of publication; if in a journal: volume, number and page references. Please also identify where you found the material (for example, National Library of Australia) and any internal reference (for example, a call or catalogue number). If the material is published on-line, please provide the full web address and identify the date on which you saw the material.

Although as a general rule, contributions to this blog should be of a scholarly standard, this does not apply to references to material published elsewhere. Publications that could never be described as “scholarly” (like “John Bull” in England or “Truth” in Australia) have included material which is useful.

Both fictional and non-fictional (including audio and video material, television programs and films) resources are sought.

If referring to a collection, archives or institution, please provide (except where this is obviously unnecessary – for example, The Library of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, or the State Archives of New South Wales) – as much identifying data as possible. A reference to “The Smith Collection in Utah” is unhelpful. A location address, an e-mail contact and (where this exists) a web address should be given. If the reference is to a private collection (for example, Mary Smith’s private library), no identifying details will be published on the blog without the express, written permission of the owner of the collection.

This blog is not an on-line marketplace for the sale of works by or about Leadbeater. However, recognizing that some relevant works can be very difficult to obtain, and that such works sold by commercial dealers are often offered at unreasonable and exorbitant prices, if someone has works by or about Leadbeater (including photographs and artefacts) which he or she wishes to offer for sale, details can be e-mailed to hermitagestcedd@gmail.com (if posted as comments on the blog they will be rejected) and consideration will be given to posting them on the blog. The seller’s details, including an e-mail address, must be specified. No such details for commercial sellers will be published. The blog will only publish the fact that specified material is for sale by a named seller, and any further transactions will be for a prospective buyer to undertake with a prospective seller.

Comments on postings are invited, but will be moderated. It is assumed that, given the scholarly approach of the blog, no offensive (“Leadbeater was a lying paedophile”) or irrational (“Leadbeater was a living Saint”) comments will be submitted and, if they are submitted, they will be rejected. Likewise, it is assumed that criticisms of other contributors, or of authors generally, will be appropriately scholarly and will be phrased in appropriately language (for example, Mrs Brown is am incompetent fool and her article on Leadbeater is simply rubbish” will not be published – but a serious and scholarly criticism of Mrs Brown’s article, of articles by anyone else, will be welcomed).

The posting of questions and enquiries is encourage since what may not be known to the many may be known by a few. For example: “Who prepared the art work for “Thought Forms”? Readers who may be able to contribute to answering questions and enquiries are encouraged to do so.

This blog focuses on the life and work of C.W. Leadbeater but, inevitably, this involves consideration of related people – like Annie Besant and Jiddhu Krishnamurti – and of organizations with which he was associated – like the Liberal Catholic Church and the Egyptian Rite. Maintaining a balance may be difficult, so deciding when discussion moves from Leadbeater in the life of Annie Besant (for example) will really be a matter of judgment.

Where contributions are made by the author of any material contributed, it will be assumed that permission to publish the material (in which the author has intellectual property rights) is thereby given. There may be circumstances in which a contributor has a particular reason for not wanting to be identified. As a general rule, that creates a problem, but if the reason is explained in an accompanying e-mail, consideration will be given to publication.

If any material is published on the blog in apparent violation of any intellectual property rights, the person claiming those rights should immediately contact hermitagestcedd@gmail.com  Until any conflict regarding intellectual property rights, the material will be removed from the blog.

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